Our Story



The Dahliah Connection is founded and operated by me, Karine, Dahliah's fur momma.  My love for arts and crafts was always there, but I never took the time to care for my passion and allow it to grow. Until August of 2016, we were impatiently waiting for our puppy; I spent most of my time searching for things to buy our new baby girl, Dahliah, like the flower is what we named our puppy to be. Only one problem, I never found what I was really looking for and when I did it was way too expensive.


A few months later, The Dahliah Connection was born.


Brand Development:


Have you ever wondered what " The Dahliah Connection" means or how the name came about? Well, it's obviously named after Dahliah but where does the word connection fit in? We wanted our brand to be all over the world and a reason that brings people together; hence, the word connection. Our mission was for Dahliah to connect the world through our products. I think it's safe to say that it has done exactly that!


Our logo needed to represent the brand name. The new logo, that I am completely obsessed with, captures everything I was trying to portray, a contemporary/architectural twist on the Dahliah flower.


Meaning behind our brand:


In November 2017, soon after the launch of our boutique our beloved Dahliah was diagnosed with Grade II Mast Cell Tumour. Since then, The Dahliah Connection has been so much more than just making bandanas. It became a way to make sure that Dahliah was getting the best care possible. She was just a baby and had to go through so much we wanted to give her the best chance at life that we could give her. Having to go through what we did has had a great impact on us. We are incredibly passionate about Canine Cancer and about giving dogs the healthiest life possible. We went through something that is incredibly scary, and we will always be on edge hoping that nothing ever comes back.


Giving Back:

We believe that there is more meaning when we say that we're giving back because of Dahliah's medical journey. For every Dahliah Connection purchase, we will donate 1$ from the profits to the OVC Pet Trust Fund Animal Cancer Centre. OVC Pet Trust funds a wide range of studies that help to improve the health of a variety of pet species, including canine cancer. OVC Pet Trust is located right here in Ontario and is part of Guelph University.  For more information about OVC Pet Trust Fund click here.

Brand Philosophy:

As a company, we stand for creativity and quality. The Dahliah Connection has been the first to create many things, including dog infinity scarves, hand dyed collection, and real 23K gold plated labels that are used on bandanas. Our customers have confirmed that nothing comes close to Dahliah Connection scarves and that's what pushes us every day to keep on making even better scarves for you and your best friend to enjoy. 

For quality, style, and functionality you won't find anywhere else, visit our exquisite collections

Our inspiration comes from a small dog who has been diagnosed with MCT at just a few months old yet did not seem to let it stop her. For you, Dahliah, we lovingly created Dahliah Connection scarves that will remain around the world, in your honour. Dahliah is now MCT free and we hope it stays that way for a long time.