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IntroducingĀ  the "Audrey" one of our last fall/winter releases. This gorgeous black/white with a hint of glittery black infinity scarf is revolutionary! We have designed an infinity scarf in such a way that you are able to dress your dog with lovely thicker fabric for the very first time in dog neckwear history. I promise you no other dog boutique is offering something like this, we have crafted this scarf to be slipped over your dogs neck. Thats it!! Its circular yet is made purposely with flaws to give it a crumbly, draped look which fools the eyes into thinking its been wrapped around more than once when it isn't. This gives you the luxury of dressing your pup with fabric that hasn't been possible to use while still keeping your pets at the perfect balance of cool and warmth. Now to be fair Zoey needs to have some spotlight too! She's looking incredibly cute in our gorgeous Tiffany bandana. (You can find The Tiffany in our Premium Edition section) Two pups with expensive taste in one picture- right therešŸ‘†šŸ»šŸ˜‰now that's perfection! šŸ‘ŒšŸ»

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